Climate Action Plan for schools and colleges

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Download our free Climate Action Plan for schools and colleges to access 50 ways students and teachers can make their community more climate friendly.
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Schools and colleges play an obvious role in shaping students to take their next steps into the world. While it's crucial the government make climate education part of the formal curriculum, many schools and colleges are already discussing climate change, and taking action.

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Here are some examples from Friends of the Earth’s Climate Action Plan for schools and colleges:

Greening the curriculum

There are many opportunities to promote learning about the climate emergency within the school curriculum. From the impacts of air pollution in science lessons, or using English classes to perfect persuasive writing techniques through crafted letters to decision makers, embedding climate right through the curriculum is the aim.

Connecting with community nature initiatives

Programmes such as Wild in the City are aimed at getting Black, Asian and minority ethnic students, who typically face greater barriers in accessing green spaces, out in nature and learning new skills.

Switching to green energy

Just like homes, schools and colleges can be powered by green energy. Opting for a provider that is fossil fuel free and offers only 100% renewable energy is a simple, but effective way to reduce the environmental impact of running school buildings.

Holding a plastic free competition

Encourage staff and students to rethink their relationship with plastic, by challenging them to commit to a week or month without single-use plastic. Go the extra mile to see who can go the longest without single-use plastic. Ensure the plastic-free prizes are plentiful.

Influencing food suppliers

Join the public caterers that serve millions of meals in schools, colleges, and universities, who’ve already vowed to cut the amount of meat they serve by 20%.