Our values

Together we will campaign for Climate Action according to these values. We are...

01 Sep 2021


We understand that the climate crisis disproportionately affects those least responsible for it and is linked to other social justice and rights issues. We understand that many of us have benefitted from the mechanisms that have caused the crisis. We know that, to help right these wrongs we must continue to learn and question our existing belief system.


To build a fairer greener future for everyone, we need to make sure everyone can be involved. We work in a way that is accessible, welcoming and respectful of all. We reach out to people from communities that are under-represented and actively speak out against any form of discrimination.


We won’t solve the climate crisis with the status quo. We need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to stand up for what’s right. We’ll be open to new ideas, challenging ourselves to think and act innovatively. We won’t be afraid to fail and will learn from our mistakes.


We need to work together to tackle the climate crisis. In our groups, we enable members to take on leadership roles, share responsibilities and create opportunities for people to get involved. We’re movement-generous and recognise the experience and value of other actors. We’re open to building bridges and uniting communities and people, supporting each other and sharing our knowledge and skills.


We are committed to securing action, and not settling for empty promises. So, once a commitment is made we’ll be there to make sure it is seen through. Similarly, in our own campaigning we are committed to being active and creative to help maintain a vibrant and lively movement.


It’s a big crisis we’re facing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun solving it. We’ll make sure to seek out the things we enjoy doing throughout our campaigning and work together to make our Climate Action Groups safe and exciting places for people. And we’ll build our resilience by looking after ourselves and each other.