Resilience and eco anxiety

05 Jan 2022

Building resilience as individuals and within our groups is key to making our activism sustainable. Find out more about how we can look after ourselves and each other as we fight for a just and healthy planet.

Durham County Council uses plastic pledge to cut waste and inspire community

07 Jan 2022

Learn how Durham County Council reduced waste with a ban on single-use plastic in council offices and premises, and inspired the wider community to tackle the problem. The ban forms part of the 'Friends of the Earth 50 climate actions for councils' under Action 40.

Warrington helps residents invest in renewable energy with Community Municipal Bonds

11 Jan 2022

Learn how Warrington Borough Council has raised money from local climate bonds for low-carbon infrastructure, to speed up carbon emissions reductions and increase resilience to the pandemic. The use of Community Municipal Investments like this forms part of the 'Friends of the Earth 50 climate actions for councils' under Action 8.

Policing and power: know your rights for protests and demos

05 Oct 2021

Learn how to keep yourself safe when protesting or attending a demonstration. This handy guide covers planning actions, police power and your rights.

How to take good photos and videos

04 Jan 2022

Photos are a great way to encourage people to take notice of your campaign, and the work of your group. This guide gives you handy tips on how to take effective photos with your smartphone. 

Anti-racism and the environment movement

17 Dec 2021

Fighting injustice and oppression is key to solving shared global problems. Find out why we must embed anti-racist practices into our climate campaigns.

Your guide to climate justice

01 Sep 2021

Climate justice has become the rallying cry for much of the environmental movement. But what is it and how do we make sure it's central to our campaigning? Access resources, explainers and reading lists from the team behind Climate Action groups.

Reading and resources on climate justice

01 Sep 2021

Like many of our fellow climate activists, we're on a learning curve when it comes to climate justice. Which is why we've compiled a list of resources from people that are well versed on the topic. Take a look at some of our film, podcast and book recommendations below.

What is climate justice?

06 Jan 2022

Climate justice has become a popular term at protests and strikes. But what does it mean, how is it a "green" issue and why are we focusing on it now? Read our explainer and make sure you're embedding climate justice into campaigning and activism in your local area.

How to campaign for more tree cover in your area

13 Sep 2021

You can help protect the climate and restore nature by reforesting your area. This guide explains how to get your council to grow more trees in your neck of the woods.