How to organise a protest

19 Sep 2023

Learn how to keep yourself and others safe when protesting or attending a demonstration. This guide covers planning actions, how to make your protest safe and inclusive and what policies to follow.

Protest FAQs

19 Sep 2023

In this section, we’ll do our best to answer your questions about protest actions. Please keep in mind that these new legal frameworks and policing powers are very new and as such have not been tested in the courts yet. We’ll continue to update this guidance and the responses to these questions as the use of these laws unfolds.

Your rights and responsibilities

19 Sep 2023

In Friends of the Earth’s view, the newly expanded police and minister powers are intended to deter people from exercising their right to protest. That, however, does not mean it's now illegal to protest. It means we all must be more careful when planning a protest action or participating in a protest.

Understanding key laws related to protest

19 Sep 2023

This section outlines the laws most commonly impacting on (or allegedly contravened by) protests across England and Wales. Some legislation applies to Northern Ireland under devolved powers. It contains information about protest-related offences, and the maximum sentences that someone can receive if they are convicted.

Protest guidance: know your rights

19 Sep 2023

This guide equips you with information about protest law, police powers and your rights and responsibilities when planning or attending a protest.

How to update your local action group page

28 Sep 2023

We provide a page for every local action group on our website. Here’s how to update the content on your group’s page.

How to have persuasive conversations

06 Sep 2023

Having persuasive conversations with people in our communities is vital for shifting thinking and moving people to take specific action. This guide will help you to have more effective, engaging conversations.

How to campaign with young people

15 Aug 2023

Young people are key to building a brighter future. Find out how to collaborate with youth activists and how to welcome them into your group.

Run a stall

21 Jul 2023

Running a stall is one of the core activities of any local action group, so get our top tips.

How to build and manage your website

24 Jul 2023

Having a website is important in today's digital world. Find out everything you need to know if your local action group wants to create and manage its own website.