COP26 Global day of action: How to take and send great photos and video

Learn how to take great photos and videos to showcase your demonstrations for the global day of action on social media and our website.

13 Oct 2021

On November 6 climate activists all over the world will take part in public demonstrations as part of the global day of action, to demand climate action from the COP26 climate talks.

Our network will be taking part in the streets and online, and we want to showcase your demonstrations on social media and our website. To do this we’ll need you to get involved and take some great shots!

Whether you're joining us from home or out on the streets, this guide will help you get the word out far and wide.

How to take part in person

1. Take great photos and videos of your demonstration

All you need is your phone!

  • Think about what you want to say with the image and about how you want it to look before you start snapping.
  • Try to capture images that show any signs you’re holding clearly, as well as your group members and where you are.
  • You could also record a short clip to show the atmosphere in a crowd or interview a group member for more insight into what’s going on.

We have more guidance on taking good photos and videos.

2. Share your shots with us

Using your fab photos and videos, our creative team will make a video to wrap up the global day of action. It’s important you send these to us as soon as possible. To feature, you can share your shots by…

Uploading them to Google Drive

  • To use Google Drive set up a free account
  • We recommend setting this up before the global day of action and downloading the Google Drive app to the phone you’ll be taking videos and photos on
  • Then to upload your file click ‘new’ - as below:
A button with a plus symbol followed by the word new
New button
  • And then ‘file upload’ - as below
A google drive menu with 'file upload' highlighted
file upload

Most short videos (under 30 seconds) will send easily through email, though if you’re having any difficulty feel free to send through multiple files in more than one email.

How to take part online

If you’re unable to join an in-person demonstration, you can still play an important role at home by sharing posts and photos from others.

1. Post on social media using our videos and images

This Google Drive folder will be filled with videos and images from national demonstrations throughout the day. To download any, click the file you want and click the downwards arrow as shown below.

Download button icon
download button

2. Post explaining what the Global Day of Action is

Example post:

Liar, Liar! Earth’s on fire! 🔥🔥🔥

Today activists all over the world have taken to the streets to demand #ClimateAction at #COP26 🌎

3. Post tagging national or local politicians to get their attention

To make sure that the global day of action has political impact, you can also tag your local MP. You can find out how to do this by using the Tweet your MP tool.

You can also tag other local decision-makers such as councillors or a company that is complicit in the climate crisis.

Example post:

@BorisJohnsonUK - are you listening? Today climate activists across the world are calling for action at #COP26

Time is running out. Leaders must... 🛢️Stop fossil fuel extraction 🛣️Stop building roads & runways 💰Support poorer countries through this crisis

(Include images or videos from the demonstrations)

4. Share and RT from other accounts

You can also keep an eye on these accounts and share any posts you think are relevant…

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Scotland


COP26 Coalition

Stop Cambo

Paid to Pollute

Thank you for your participation!