We're facing climate breakdown – the biggest threat we’ve ever seen to humanity’s existence and to much of the natural world. Species extinction, food shortages, sea-level rises and millions of lives and livelihoods lost.

The message is clear. We need to avoid 1.5°C of warming. We can do it, but we need to act fast – we've already hit 1°C.

If you're part of a Climate Action group, you can help make this happen. Most local authorities aren't doing enough and some are making decisions that will increase carbon emissions.

Use our Climate Action Plan for councils for ideas on how to turn your area into a climate friendly community. This complements our national Climate Action Plan below, which demands the government work towards net-zero emissions as soon as possible.

1. Transport

What the government needs to do:

  • Halt airport expansion and introduce a frequent flyer levy.
  • Halt large road-building projects.
  • Stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030.
  • Invest in brilliant and cheap public transport, cycling and walking everywhere.

2. Power

What the government needs to do:

  • Stop generating electricity from dirty fuels and ban fracking.
  • Aim for 100% clean energy from the wind, sun and sea.

3. Buildings and homes

What the government needs to do:

  • End the misery of cold, expensive-to-heat homes.
  • Fund a massive insulation scheme and shift to eco-friendly heating.

4. Trees and food

What the government needs to do:

  • Stop using our land for intensive farming.
  • Support sustainable diets and reduce food waste.
  • Double tree cover to help stop climate change and let wildlife thrive.

5. Consumption

What the government needs to do:

  • Transition towards a circular economy that extracts, uses and consumes much less of the Earth’s resources.

6. International justice

What the government needs to do:

  • Stop funding fossil fuel projects overseas.
  • Pay its fair share to support more-vulnerable countries to cut carbon pollution and deal with the impacts of climate change.