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Push government to do more at COP26: lobby your MP

16 Sep 2021

In November, the UK will host the Glasgow climate talks – COP26. This is a huge opportunity to push the government on their climate ambition and to meet their international responsibilities. Read this guide to find out how to lobby your MP and push the government harder in the lead up to COP26. 

Urgent: get your council to do more on Active Travel

22 May 2020

How can we maintain reduced air pollution and car traffic post-COVID19?

Our campaign

16 Sep 2021

In order to combat the climate and ecological emergencies, we need to campaign for both local and national government to adopt Climate Action Plans. We've produced template plans for both levels of government. Find out how you can get involved.

4 ways to support your community during the coronavirus pandemic

01 Sep 2021

During times of crisis, it's natural to want to do your part to help. Check out 4 ways you can help your community during the COVID-19 pandemic, while staying safe.

Affordability, co-benefits and carbon saving: the top Climate Actions for councils

01 Sep 2021

There are many actions your council can take to tackle climate breakdown. But which actions pack the biggest punch in terms of impact?

Guides to topics within the Climate Action Plan for councils

13 Sep 2021

Climate Action Plan for councils explained.

Take action A campaign guide for you and your council

24 Nov 2020

Local authorities have an important role in cutting carbon emissions and solving the climate crisis.