4 ways to support your community in times of crisis

During times of crisis, it's natural to want to do your part to help. Check out 4 ways you can help your community, which our groups learnt from the coronavirus pandemic but can be used in any time of emergency.

25 Nov 2022

1. Join your local mutual aid group

Across the country, communities come together to support each other through times of crisis. Mutual aid groups are often set up to provide support to those in our communities who need it most. Members help each other with immediate care, providing food, repairing damage and emotional support. Find your nearest mutual aid group now.

When working with other groups it’s important that you follow all of their guidelines – especially guidance around safeguarding to keep you and your community safe.

2. Check in with people

Make a special effort to check in with people regularly by phone, text or online (video conferencing platforms like Zoom help get the whole family together on one screen). Put your phone number through neighbours’ letter boxes and say you’re here for them if they need help, or just want to chat.

3. Share what’s working for you

In any crisis, people are surprisingly creative in the ways they solve problems and cope with the situation. The coronavirus pandemic saw people turning their homes into craft centres, and gyms and enjoying themed cooking nights and family quizzes online. Sharing what's working for you, whether its a great technique to clean up after a flood, or a way to connect with isolated people in your community, could inspire others to get involved.

4. Think about the future

The coronavirus pandemic did bring communities closer together. But if we're to solve future crises, then we need to make sure that these community connections remain strong now and into the future.

Start thinking about how you’ll play your part in maintaining and strengthening these relationships. From street parties and community gardens to neighbourhood support systems – start imagining what your community could look like in the future.

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