Find out what to expect on our training sessions, including our approach to online training, what we ask of participants and how we ensure our sessions are accessible.

If you have accessibility requirements or use a screen reader that make booking a training difficult for you, please get in touch with us at [email protected] for help.

You can also view recordings of previous training sessions.

Campaigning and activism training

How to organise a hustings

On Thursday 2 May, nearly half the adult population of England will have the chance to vote in mayoral elections. Election hustings are a great opportunity to publicly scrutinise candidates and secure commitments to ambitious actions.

This webinar will cover:

  • what hustings are
  • why they're important
  • what you need to do to ensure your hustings are effective and engaging.

You'll leave knowing how to organise an engaging and exciting hustings. This'll enable you and your community to demand ambitious action from your mayoral candidates on climate and nature.

Wednesday 21 February (7 - 8:15pm)

Parliamentary constituency campaigning – data, data, data

Lots of organisations, including Friends of the Earth, are producing locally-relevant constituency data for the upcoming general election. Sign up to this webinar to hear about what data organisations like Friends of the Earth, The Climate Coalition, Hope not Hate, Greenpeace and others have/ will have.

If you can't make it, sign up and you'll be sent the recording.

Thursday 29 February (3 - 5pm)

Get ready for the general election

2024 is a key year for our movement as people across the country will head to the polls to vote for their future MPs. It's vital that we use this moment to amplify our calls for immediate action on the climate and nature crises, and win commitments from our current and future decision makers. We need to ensure that whoever wins the next election will deliver policies that work for people and planet.

During the session you’ll hear about how you can make environmental justice a priority this election. From meeting with election candidates to running a hustings to making a splash in your local community. You’ll also have a chance to share your ideas to help shape how we collectively will demand a fairer, greener and more just world.

Wednesday 20 March (6 - 7.15pm)

An introduction to the legal right to a healthy environment

We know the environment around us is in a bad state. But existing protections are too weak, and too poorly enforced, to fix it.

Find out how making a healthy environment a legal right could help ensure all future legislation better supports people and nature, improve the ways that public bodies implement these laws, and give communities the ability to fight back against environmental harm.

Tuesday 26 March (7 - 8.30pm)

Anti-racism training

In March-April 2024 we'll be holding in-person anti-racism training.

Join us for our anti-racism training tailored for climate activists, where we dive into practical skills and do some thinking around structural changes essential for fostering anti-racist movements.


What? A day to give you the tools to contribute to a more equitable and united fight for a sustainable future.

Why? To come together to build a movement that represents everyone. Gain skills and feel confident to develop and run environmental justice campaigns with an anti-racism focus.

United for Warm Homes training

Highlighting the health impacts of cold homes

No matter who you are, if you live in a cold home, your health and wellbeing are at risk. Friends of the Earth is working with the Institute of Health Equity to produce a report on the health impacts of cold homes and fuel poverty.

Join this webinar to hear the results of this new research and how you can use it to win support for warm homes from your MP and electoral candidates. We’ll provide a host of resources that you can use locally to highlight the links between health inequality and fuel poverty, and to persuade your decision makers to sign up to the United for Warm Homes pledge.

Wednesday 28 February (6 - 7pm)