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United for Warm Homes campaign trainings

United for Warm Homes monthly meeting

Our monthly meeting webinars are an opportunity to come together to hear the latest updates and share tactics and skills that'll help us win this campaign together. We're United for Warm Homes.

Thursday 24 November (6-7pm) and Wednesday 14 December (6-7pm)

Building community partnerships to campaign for warm homes

Join this training as you take the first step in your United for Warm Homes campaign and find your campaign partners.

We'll explore how to build partnerships outside our usual network, and how to create a local campaign hub to tackle the energy crisis together. We’ll also help you plan the next step in your campaign once you’ve made initial connections with other groups – a kick-off event to plan action.

Monday 12 December (12-1:30pm)


What happened at COP27? A lunchtime update on the key international climate talks in Sharm-el Sheikh with Sara Shaw from Friends of the Earth International.

Tuesday 29 November (1-2pm)

Active Hope

Active Hope is a resilience and wellbeing practice designed to help us find and offer our best response to the crises unfolding in our world. It shares tools that help us face the mess we’re in, as well as find and play our role in the collective transition to a life-sustaining society. Join us to discover more about these tools and how you can put them into practice in your campaigning.

Wednesday 30 November (6:30-8:45pm)

Lunchtime talk on clean air

In this lunchtime talk, communications manager and author Celeste Hicks will focus on her work with Mums for Lungs, which aims to develop grassroots networks on air pollution and transport campaigning. She'll talk about how we can build community campaigns for clean air.

This is part of a series of 60-minute webinars and discussions for Friends of the Earth staff, group members and activists. These talks are designed to stimulate thinking and increase awareness of different approaches to campaigning as well as the issues other campaigns are tackling.

Tuesday 6 December (1-2pm)

Climate Action Plan campaign: Councils, energy and housing

Thanks to the incredible local campaigns of our network, the majority of councils now have Climate Action Plans in place. As councils and communities start to deliver on these commitments, many are prioritising the areas of their Plans that will improve building efficiency standards, tackle fuel poverty and help address the cost of living crisis. Join this session to find out what actions your council can take with existing resourcing and powers to deal with the energy and cost of living crises that we’re faced with.

Please note, this session will focus on Climate Action Plans for councils and is not part of the United for Warm Homes campaign which is focused on action that national governments need to take.

Wednesday 7 December (7-8:15pm)

Campaigning for a new corporate justice law – have your say

Hear about our campaign with the Corporate Justice Coalition for a new UK law that'd hold companies to account for any socially and environmentally damaging impacts caused by their activities. We want to involve our group network at an early stage in developing this vital new campaign.

Over the next 2 years we’ll be pushing MPs and politicians to support the call for this new law. We’ll also be working with our group network to uncover the drivers here in the UK behind environmental destruction and social injustice around the world.

The main purpose of this session is to provide a space to hear your ideas and to feedback on ways that groups can be involved in the campaign – including how to build pressure on MPs and tell the local to global stories of how UK companies are causing human rights and environmental abuses here and globally.

Tuesday 13 December (6:30-7:45pm) and Wednesday 14 December (8-9:15pm)

Fossil fuel divestment

Divestment is a campaigning tactic that asks influential institutions - like universities, faith organisations, or local authorities - to end investment in filthy fossil fuels. With our local councils still investing around £10bn of workers’ pensions in the fossil fuel industry, activists across the UK are calling on their council to cut ties with the industry once and for all.

Join this webinar to learn the basics of the campaign and explore ways that you can take action in your local area, including how to take part in the upcoming divestment day of action (Friday 24 March 2023).

Please note: this is an introductory webinar for anyone unfamiliar with using fossil fuel divestment as a tactic for advancing climate justice.

Thursday 12 January 2023, 6-7:15pm

Build people power and win campaigns

Build people power and win campaigns is an 8-week course starting in January and is designed to help you:

  • build an amazing group
  • plan and run campaigns that make a difference
  • bring new people into your movement.

The course will work through a typical campaign cycle and will start with helping your group work well together. We'll move on to essential campaign planning skills, looking at how to bring new people into the group and onboard them, before closing by looking at exiting and evaluating the campaign.

Please note: registrations will close Monday 16 January to allow for time to post out accompanying workbooks.

8 weekly sessions running from Wednesday 25 January - Wednesday 15 March (7:30-9pm)